Types of sheer descents in Swimming pool

Types of sheer descents in Swimming pool

The most exciting thing when you want to build a pool in your backyard is to have the ability to design and customize this space the way you prefer. One of the types of swimming pools that gives you this freedom when it comes to the building is a concrete pool. Building a swimming pool in this material allows you to add to this space the compliments that you can think of, and there is no restriction to having them.

In previous articles, we told you why having a transparent drop in your pool can be a great idea, considering the advantages and the way they give a touch of luxury to your swimming pool. We want to tell you about the different types of clear drops and their characteristics.

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1. A single sheer descent

Having a single steep slope is perfect for those who have a limited budget but want to have a nice space in their garden. It is simple, can be built in natural stone, and gives an elegant look.

2. Multiple and sheer descents

It is about multiplying the steep descents in larger spaces: for example, placing three steep descents in a row horizontally to have several relaxation spaces inside the pool.

3. Curved and steep descent

One of the most popular, as not all pools are designed at 90-degree angles, so different shapes can combine very well. It can be on concave or convex walls.

A clear example is when the drop is installed outside a circular hot tub that connects and can flow into the main pool.

4. High wall drop

In some pool designs, there is a higher wall at the bottom. However, they should not be installed in such high places as the effect is lost.
They can be at a height of 1.2 meters. They can be enjoyed and have a natural effect. The higher it is, the greater the force of the water.

5. Wide and steep drop

This option may be perfect for an inground pool, with the drop installed just below the top of the deck. It should be a few feet high to maximize its glassy effect. Although a number of drops could be made, in this case, there are certain models of about 8 feet in length that could be applied to this space.
These pools achieve an amazing effect, giving the space a completely different and relaxing ambiance.

Owning a pool descent can be an ideal element to complete your home. But the cost of these also depends on the characteristics you want it to have. The prices may vary, depending on the materials you choose and how extravagant you want your downspout to be. Also, keep in mind that there will be monthly expenses for their maintenance, as water and electricity are required for them to work perfectly.

The construction of these spaces requires good maintenance to keep them in the best way possible to last in the long term. Having specialized builders will also make a difference in both quality and durability.

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