Types of clients when it comes to choosing a swimming pool

Types of clients when it comes to choosing a swimming pool

When an architect decides to enter into a project, he faces different challenges; one of the biggest is to realize all the client’s ideas. It applies to all constructions. However, pool construction can be a big creative challenge depending on the client. There are always different ideas and depending on the intended use, the pools’ design can change in the process.

Why talk about the types of clients?

Although swimming pools are associated with recreation and relaxation, there are other uses that they can have, such as therapeutic uses, and this means that the design can change. Likewise, a hotel pool is not the same as a swimming pool in the courtyard of a house. Therefore understanding the type of client will simplify the design development process and then the rendering, where the pool can be pre-visualized.

There are different types of pools in design and use; it is important to know that it will be much easier to give a successful design to satisfy the client’s expectations according to the use that will be given. In this case, the type of client is not only determined by their tastes and the materials they want for the finishes. It is also determined by the specific type of use of the pool and above all by who the main users will be.

In the following, we are going to give examples of some of the pools that can be requested:

Recreational pools

The type of user who requests this kind of pool is using it for recreational purposes. They have more freedom when choosing the design or adding certain elements. They can be in different shapes and colors and come with accessories added according to priorities, such as bubblers, spas, fountains, and more.

Children’s pools

They are normally included in recreational pools, but what differentiates them from the others is their depth and the regulations that must be complied with to guarantee the safety of the children while using the pool.

Sportive pools

Some customers want to have a professional pool in their homes. Their primary use is for sports. They can use them for physical training; these pools have specific dimensions and characteristics for swimming competitions. These pools must comply with standards that include lifesaving accessories and other elements to make good use of them.

Therapeutic pool

This type of pool has medical or rehabilitation uses. It can be heated or set with jets of different intensities. Patients who need aquatic therapies make use of these pools. The pools’ design can change; for example, if the swimming pool is to be used by elderly people, it must comply with some basic requirements.

All these characteristics of the pools are fundamental to be able to start making designs and to be able to have the right characteristics for the type of use that space is going to have. We are always thinking about safety and comfort.

The types of clients that exist can be different depending on the type of pool they want and the places where these pools will be adapted. Hotels, sports centers, residential areas, or public swimming pools have different uses and different demands. For example, a family pool may require other construction and maintenance conditions than a hotel pool in terms of depth, type of finish, shape, and safety.

In summary, customers may be looking for different needs; even if they are only looking for recreation, they may want to adapt some things from different pools. It is important always to be aware of the pros and cons that each of them may have so that the client and the designer can be satisfied with the result.

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