Trusting Your Pool Builder: Our Local Pool Builders Will Give You The Facts On Vinyl Pools Vs Concrete Pools

When looking to build a new pool who do you turn to, the big national brand, or the hometown builders part of your community? Obviously we’re a bit biased, but our success throughout the years building stunning custom pools at excellent prices has earned us the trust of the community to treat them, and their homes to the best a custom pool builder can provide.
We mean it when we say a vinyl pool will end up costing homeowners more over time, and we look forward helping your family fully understand concrete pools compared to vinyl pools.
First and foremost, building a vinyl pool comes with a vinyl liner; this is really the crux of why a vinyl pool has the lowest entry cost, and the highest overall costs of pools at large. With an average lifespan of 3-8 years, vinyl pool liners must be replaced frequently, with an average cost of $4000.
Vinyl pool liners are also exceptionally easy to puncture; ask yourself a question, do you have children, pets, overhanging branches or expect items that aren’t entirely smooth to enter the pool? If so, any and all of these items (including the very tools used to clean a pool!) can puncture a vinyl liner, leading to expensive repairs.
Building a concrete pool rather than a vinyl pool can actually increase the value of your home rather than decrease it; yes, decrease it. Potential home buyers look at the vinyl liner replacement costs they’ll be lumbered with, and must take this into account when considering whether to purchase.
Give a call to our new pool builders today to get the facts on concrete pools vs vinyl pools, and save your family the heartache when you talk to our family of local pool builders at CPC Pools.

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