Troutman Concrete Pool Contractor CPC Pools Can Help Homeowners Save On High Quality Pools

Troutman NC concrete pool builder CPC Pools helps homeowners to save on their new pool construction with a concrete pool, building something that will last as long as the very memories that they make in and around the pool. You’re making an investment, it might as well pay off for you in the long run- speak with our new pool construction experts today for a beautiful new concrete pool.
Building a pool with concrete means that you’re laying a solid foundation of summer fun for years to come. Premolded fiberglass pools are brittle in their design, with no flexibility- this means that any shifting in the sand backfill used to secure their shell can lead to hairline fractures throughout the pool and bulges that require expensive professional repair. Through general use, fiberglass layers can crack and flake off into the pool itself, leading to hazards that can otherwise be easily avoided with a concrete pool.
Not only are concrete pools safer than fiberglass pools, they’re also by far more customizable. By inherent design of the pool itself, fiberglass premolded pools offer few options, more of a “You get what you get” form of mentality. Concrete can be poured into any shape and design that you can possibly imagine, while allowing us to add exciting extra features such as custom rock features and waterfalls, directly into the design.
Speak with Troutman concrete pool builders today, Carolina Pool Consultants are the premier pool builders in all of North Carolina. Our concrete pool builders will save homeowners a tremendous amount of money in the long run, ensuring that their wallets are smiling as much as their children after a full afternoon of fun.

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