Superior Year Round Pool Builder Carolina Pool Consultants Builds Concrete Pools Across Greater Charlotte Lake Norman and Denver North Carolina

Thinking about installing a new pool in your backyard in Charlotte, Lake Norman, or Denver NC? Have you compared the differences between concrete pools, vinyl liner pools, and fiberglass pools? Make sure you work with Carolina Pool Consultants to find out everything you need to know about these three pool types and to transform your backyard with a gorgeous new pool.

When it comes to selecting the right pool for your backyard, you do have some options. However, we install concrete pools for three main reasons: lower maintenance, customizability, and longer lasting. Concrete pools offer homeowners unlimited design options so you can create any shape, size, or depth pool that you want. Vinyl liner pools and fiberglass pools come pre-assembled to your home – so you have to choose from a catalogue.

Concrete pools are also longer lasting and more durable and are not susceptible to ripped liners, spider cracks, or bulging side walls. Concrete pools do have a higher up front cost, but that is because they are entirely custom and superior to fiberglass and vinyl liner pools.

Get a custom concrete pool installed today in Denver, Lake Norman or across the Greater Charlotte NC areas. We are the trusted choice for all your pool building needs and can help you transform your backyard with a brand new custom concrete pool, call 704-799-5236.

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