Superior Pool Building: What Makes A Concrete Pool Superior To A Fiberglass Pool?

Building a superior pool takes experience, something our Mooresville pool builders have in abundance; when deciding to build a new pool, reach out to our staff FIRST, for a concrete comparison of fiberglass pools compared to concrete pools.
Our staff has a wealth of knowledge on hand, even where to find new pool financing (hint: our friends over at Lyon’s Bank)! Time after time, we’ve seen fiberglass pool prices spiral out of control due to repair costs, without homeowners ever truly getting the pool they wanted.
Fiberglass pools are casted from preset molds, that immediately limit the design and size that homeowners have to choose from. During shipping, fiberglass pools can actually develop warps that may not even be apparent before the pool is set into the ground.
During instillation, a sand backfill is used to secure fiberglass pools in the ground; even this is cause for worry however, as the sand backfill has been known to shift and erode during heavy storms, leading to hairline fissures within the fiberglass shell.
For these reasons above and beyond the lack of any real customization options prompts us to encourage all our customers to build a concrete pool. By far more durable than fiberglass, concrete pools are poured right on the spot and reinforced with rebar, cutting down significantly any repair costs homeowners might come across.
There’s no question: when you want the superior pool, concrete pools are a better pool when compared to fiberglass. Be sure to reach out to our Mooresville inground concrete pool builders today with your questions, and be sure to check out our new pool gallery today!

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