Superior Concrete Pool Designer in Denver NC CPC Pools Assists Homeowners with Bringing Their Pool Vision to Life

Still dreaming of your very own custom concrete pool for your Denver NC backyard? Denver NC swimming pool builder Carolina Pool Consultants not only has years of experience but has become the trusted and preferred choice for superior pool building services here in Denver NC. Let us help you bring your vision for your backyard to life, call 704-799-5236 to schedule your free pool consultation with us in Denver NC.

At Carolina Pool Consultants, we design, build, and install concrete pools for their durability, longevity and customization options. Homeowners likely have heard of pool alternatives fiberglass and vinyl liner pools, but for many reasons we do not install or recommend these pool types. While concrete pools are often the most expensive pool to install up front, their numerous ‘pros’ outweigh the increased expense.

As you might imagine, concrete pools offer nearly limitless design options from shape, size, and depth to features from attached spas to integrated slides to waterfalls to all of the above. Concrete pools can be customized to your liking and budget and are built onsite and framed into your backyard. Moreover, concrete as a material is far more durable and easier to maintain than fiberglass or vinyl liners.

Fiberglass pools unlike concrete pools are shipped in their final form to the property. Because of this, they are typically ordered from a catalog and offer little to no customization for homeowners. This means homeowners have little control over shape, size, or depth other than selecting from a selection of pools. Fiberglass pools are also subject to backfilling to be put into place which can result in bulging sidewalls and spider cracks.

Vinyl liner pools also have their share of downsides. While often the cheapest pool type to install, vinyl liner pools are limited to very basic shapes. Moreover, frequent liner replacement means more money out of pocket in the long run and the liner is subject to rips, tears and damage from pool toys, pool equipment, storm debris, pet and children.

Get in touch with CPC Pools today for more information at 704-799-5236 and ask for Eddie. We look forward to working with you to bring your vision for your backyard to life. Contact us today to schedule your free pool estimate in Denver NC.

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