Start Building A Concrete Pool In Mooresville NC Today With CPC Pools

Start building your new Mooresville concrete pool today with NC concrete pool builder CPC Pools. When you’re looking to build out your own private paradise, there’s no substitute for a concrete pool- providing both reliability and customization, concrete pools offer a wide variety of benefits over a fiberglass pool. Learn more, and start building your new pool today when you reach out to our new pool experts.
Have you been daydreaming about owning your own pool? What does it look like, what’s included with it? Have you thought about a custom water slide that comes down from a rock outcropping? How about a hot tub, secluded in greenery features? With a concrete pool all of this can become a reality, whereas a fiberglass pool limits homeowners by the very nature of its premolded design.
This premolded fiberglass design not only provides less options to homeowners, it also is by far less durable than concrete. Fiberglass shells require a sand or soil backfill to secure the pool, which after a heavy rain could lead to shifting soil erosion, and a cracked fiberglass shell. Concrete has a by far longer lifespan than fiberglass, and isn’t prone to fiberglass flaking off through general wear, falling into the pool.
Reach out to Mooresville concrete pool builder CPC Pools today and start building out your own custom paradise. Our new pool builders will ensure your family has a pool that will last as long as the very memories you make therein. From beautiful new hot tubs draped by verdant nature, to a stunning hardscape right next to it to relax upon, CPC Pools will make your dream pool a reality.

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