Sheer descents in swimming pools

Sheer descents in swimming pools

Designing the pool of your dreams can be a challenge. However, informed about all the possibilities in the design, it will make it easier. The finishes and accessories you want to complete the swimming pool can make all the difference. Some pools look regular with waterfalls but, with a touch of imagination, that can look much more luxurious.

Sheer descents are very popular in contemporary designs. Nevertheless, they can adapt to any pool with ease. This article will tell you a little more about sheer drop waterfalls, which can be a great feature to add to your space.

What is a Sheer Descent?

We talking about a sheer descent, we are referring to a waterfall. On the market, we find a great variety. Usually, we can find the classic ones in stone that simulate a real waterfall. The difference with those is that an absolute descent is unique in the way the water falls over the pool, as it decreases the extent to which it reaches the waterline.

The main difference is that a regular cascade comes out as an arching stream of water. The sheer descents thin the torrent of water so that it appears very fine and looks like a blanket of water. It gives an attractive visual effect, is elegant, and looks like glass. In addition, this arc of water does not produce the same noise as a typical waterfall. It can give more tranquility and relaxation to the pool space.

Where are downspouts installed?

They are usually installed in the mortar joint of the wall, between the edge and the masonry. The water must be canalized to the wall or to the area where the downspout is installed. It is important to keep in mind that it requires a large amount of energy to operate, so the recommendation is to use a pool pump for each downspout.

They can range in width from 8 inches to 8 feet and are available in straight or curved models. It can be available in different colors to match the pool decor. The steep drop is usually kept at a 4 feet height. The height is relevant to maintain the look of the pool.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Water regulation
    It helps to keep the water cooler. Cooler water has many benefits and will decrease the chlorine demand, helping to make it much more comfortable for when one goes swimming.
  • Water circulation
    This will keep the pool nice and clean and maintain the even distribution of the chemicals that have been added to the pool.
  • Visual aesthetic
    These stand out a lot in the space. Certainly, your friends or people with whom you are going to share this space can be impressed with it.
  • Relaxation
    The steep drops are quieter than the waterfalls that are commonly used. Not making as much noise will help to create a relaxing space.
  • Cost
    These types of accessories can be expensive to install and execute.
  • Maintenance
    Everything must be done by hand as calcium and mineral deposits mustn’t build up over time.

Types of sheer descents

  • Multiple sheer descents
  • Pure single descent
  • Wide and sheer descent
  • Sheer descent of the middle of the wall
  • Curved sheer descent

Now that you know all about steep drops, you will be able to make a better choice if you want one of these accessories to fit a pool space. This knowledge is important because it can make a big difference, to your pool project as it can add great value to the space, make it feel more luxurious, and visually more eye-catching.

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