Seven reasons why having a pool is even better than going to the beach!

Seven reasons why having a pool is even better than going to the beach!

The beach is a very captivating place, and many of the world’s favorite vacation destinations with a large sum of water can be described as paradise! A beach can often give a different atmosphere to our vacation or rest plans, but just in recent years the world has changed. Families around the world are facing the reality of the effect covid-19 had on traveling. While beaches have always been a family favorite, swimming pools have received more attention in recent years. Allowing you to create paradise in your own backyard!

Custom pool builders can assure you, why adding a pool to your home can present many benefits. If you have a love for water or the beauty you can encounter from it , then we think a pool would be a great addition to your home. Let’s start off by comparing beaches and pools:

1. The sand

It may seem like an evident reason, but we have all come back home from the beach with sand in our pants, food, and personal belongings. With that being said, being in the comfort of your home, getting to still enjoy “water fun”, without the irritation of sand sounds good to us!

2. Agglomerations

Social distancing as you know has become a rule in public places such as the beach. Furthermore, even before the pandemic beaches were crowded spaces characterized by swimmers and sunbather’s making it difficult to enjoy the refreshing turquoise waters.

3. You set the Schedule

Some of the public beaches have regulations for their use. It makes sense due to the high tide and climate changes, although this can be a limitation that your custom built pool in your backyard will not have.

4. Easier Child Supervision

As a parent, safety is very important in regards to children. We want to create fun and safe memories! Rip currents, big crowds, shorebreaks, water pollution and sea life can be potential dangers for young children.

While swimming pools have their risks, you can minimize your risks in the safety of your home. Still allowing fun and memories to be created.

5. Clean

Ocean water has been drastically affected by pollution, the once crystal clear water is becoming more polluted everyday. While you may not be able to get rid of the pollution in our beaches on your own, you can have 100% control of how clean your swimming pool is! Of course, depending on the routine that each person has. It is always easier to guarantee that the water in which you are swimming is completely clean, if you have control.

6. Lavatory

Something that the beach, no matter how paradisiacal it may be, cannot provide you with is the service of a bathroom. It can be a great challenge when going to the beach, and trying to enjoy family or relaxation time. Public toilets are not always adequate, therefore, having a pool at home with access to a restroom feet away, will make you more comfortable and you won’t have to travel so far to find one.

7. Water temperature

One of the greatest advantages of building a pool in your home is how you can customize this space. The beach is not a place where you can change the climate or heat the water. Having a pool at home where you can change the temperatures if you wish, is an awesome luxury. Having the option to put your pool to use any season of the year.

Having a private place to enjoy with the ones you love the most is the biggest advantage of them all. Everything in regards to maintaining a pool is adaptable. There are also many solutions to financing a pool, in order to benefit the customer. Having the option to relax in paradise, within the comfort of your home is a luxury that a custom swimming pool can give you.

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