See Why Terrell North Carolina Concrete Pools Are Better Than Fiberglass Pools with Carolina Pool Consultants

Homeowners in Terrell North Carolina that are looking to create the ultimate backyard with a new pool may be looking at the difference between concrete pools and fiberglass pools. Your backyard pool investment is likely a major decision, something you have thought long and hard on. Don’t let the wrong pool ruin your backyard and become a long-term headache that you constantly have to deal with.

Fiberglass pools present numerous problems over concrete pools. Firstly, fiberglass pools offer much less customization than concrete pools. That means, if you want to create a custom shape, size, depth, or have an attached spa, you can’t do so. That is because fiberglass pools are shipped to the purchaser in their final form. Because fiberglass pools are not built into the ground, but rather set in place, several problems arise.

Fiberglass pools have to be backfilled in order to hold them into place. Most often, fiberglass pools are backfilled with sand, however, when that sand gets wet, it liquifies, which creates a tremendous amount of pressure against the walls of the fiberglass pool. This can cause the fiberglass to have bulges in the wall from the pressure created by the wet sand.

Secondly, fiberglass pools are prone to spider-line cracks that are unavoidable simply because of the material used. While these small, delicate cracks really never pose any serious problems to your pool, it detracts from the overall look. When you are paying thousands of dollars to transform your backyard, how it looks is one of the most important components.

When you’ve decided to take the plunge and create the ultimate escape in your backyard, avoid longterm headaches and distasteful cracks by going with the superior pool material – concrete. We can work with you to design the pool you really want, creating any shape you desire. Speak with our concrete pool specialists in Terrell North Carolina by calling Carolina Pool Consultants today at 704-799-5236.

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