Rely on Charlotte North Carolina’s Best Pool Builders Carolina Pool Consultants To Install Your New Pool

Did you know that Carolina Pool Consultants offers professional concrete pool installation and design services to homeowners in the Greater Charlotte area? Did you know that we are a locally owned and operated pool company that builds pools year round? Did you know that right now you can schedule your concrete pool installation with us today to have your pool built in time for the summer season? Give us a call today and discuss your needs with us at 704-799-5236 for more information.

As the premier year round pool builders in Charlotte North Carolina, we have the facts on fiberglass pools versus concrete pools and want to go over with you the benefits that concrete pools have over fiberglass pools. Fiberglass pools are shipped in their final form to your home, offering little to no customization, and must be set into place by process of backfilling, which is often done with sand. As a result, your fiberglass pool can develop bulging sidewalls due to the pressure exerted from the sand when its wet.

Moreover, fiberglass pools are also subject to major leaks and surface blemishes that are difficult to repair. While the upfront cost of fiberglass pools is less than concrete which is what attracts many homeowners, the longterm costs associated with fiberglass pools outweighs the initial savings.

Call Carolina Pool Consultants today at 704-799-5236 to discuss your needs with us and schedule your concrete pool installation in Charlotte NC. We can help transform your backyard with a beautiful custom pool that you have always wanted.

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