Reasons to remodel your swimming Pool

Reasons to remodel your swimming Pool

If you have had a pool in the backyard of your house for some years or you bought a house with a pool, it is time to remodel it. This way you will lower costs, modernize the space and it will become an ideal place to share again with family and friends. It is ideal to hire a pool consultant to tell you what is the best technology for the maintenance of your pool and give you advice on the modernization of decoration and materials to make the necessary renovations.

If you have doubts or concerns about the ideal time to remodel your pool, in this article we tell you when it is necessary to do it and the advantages you can get.

Damage to the pool

It is normal that the chemicals you use for the maintenance of the pool and having it in an open place like the backyard of the house cause serious damage, you can have cracks, smooth parts, deterioration or leaks. The ideal is to fix it in autumn, since the renovation costs will be lower than in summer, so when the season to enjoy the sun and the water arrives the pool will be ready to be used.

Increasing pool safety

When there are small children at home or older adults, it is necessary to reinforce security in the pool to avoid fatal accidents, it is recommended to place a four-foot high fence around the pool, also place a self-closing gate and motion alarms near the pool and in the water.

Updating the pool design

Every time new trends arise where colors, shapes, sizes and designs of the spaces we have at home are modernized, the quality of materials also changes over the years, so it is necessary to be aware of what is new for the wet areas of the house and using trends feel your pool as the best place to relax. Therefore, analyze the importance of changing the tiles, place led lights to give it a touch of elegance and make it more illuminated to swim at night safely, place stairs or you can even change the shape and size of your pool, always advised by experts.

Save money with the right technology

The technology of pumps and filters has changed since a few years ago. Now the pumps are more efficient and consume less energy, which helps the environmental impact and the economy of your pocket, in turn, a new and clean filter guarantees you to have a pool free of bacteria and fungi that can harm your health.

Remodeling adds value to your home

If at some point you want to sell your property, think that having a modern and remodeled pool will help your house have much more value, because having a pool at home can be considered a luxury, however buyers do not want to spend money on repairs. Ideally, you should do the necessary remodeling in the fall so that the costs are low but the quality is high, so that you have the foundation to sell your home for a high value.

Enjoying time at home

Many people in the family like to spend moments of relaxation and fun in the water, however, seeing an old, dirty or in poor condition pool is not attractive to anyone, so it is essential the maintenance of your pool periodically and make the necessary renovations to have a nice and fully usable space in summer.

It is the ideal time to start remodeling and in the summer enjoy the new oasis you will have at home.

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