Reach Out To Year Round Davidson Concrete Pool Builder CPC Pools For The Fall Gift That Will Keep On Giving

Reach out to the top year round pool builder in all of the Carolina’s, this fall CPC Pools will make sure Davidson NC families have a gift that continues to give for years to come. Our concrete pools can save homeowners a tremendous amount of money in repair costs throughout the lifespan of the pool, while providing the opportunity to make your pool truly one of a kind.
Fall is arguably the best time of the year to build a pool- as the seasons change and the air cools, having a pool under construction and ready from the moment the spring heat begins to hit means that you’ll a brand new pool ready to go from the get-go.
We encourage all of the families we work with to purchase a concrete pool rather than a fiberglass pool- not only will it save them money in the long run, they’ll be able to see their dream pool come to life.
Fiberglass pools require a sand backfill to secure within the ground, which is subject to erosion and shifting after a heavy rain. This shifting can directly lead to bulges within the fiberglass shell and hairline fissures that concrete pools aren’t subject to.
Saving on repair costs is only one reason to go with a concrete pool rather than fiberglass- concrete pools also can be poured to fit any shape that you can possibly imagine. With customization options limited only to what can be dreamed up, CPC Pools is able to implement option such as hot tubs, water features and rock formations with a concrete pool that premolded fiberglass pools simply don’t provide.
Speak to our staff at CPC Pools today, this fall we’ll bring your dream pool to life. Now more than ever is the best day to start building your new pool in Davidson NC, so you have a beautiful backyard retreat ready come spring.

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