The Pros and Cons Of Concrete Gunite Pool Vs Fiberglass: CPC Pools Has The Back Of Mooresville Homeowners Looking To Save

There’s a reason the Carolina’s come to our family at Carolina Pool Consultants every year- as an integral part of the community, we’ve worked hand in hand with homeowners on a personal level to best determine their wants and needs. Many Mooresville homeowners may ask; what’s the difference between a concrete gunite pool and a fiberglass pool?
Savings. Customization. Control.
We urge everyone we speak with to go with a concrete gunite pool for these reasons, and homeowners across the board come out happier with the results. But why? To understand, let’s look at how each are built.
Fiberglass pools come from preset molds that are limited in designs and sizes. During the shipping process from the manufacturer to your home, a fiberglass pool can develop warps that may not be apparent until the pool is set into the ground. These warps can be compounded by the likelihood of the sand backfill used to secure fiberglass frames shifting during a heavy storm, leading to hairline fissures in the fiberglass shell.
All summed up, homeowners whom purchase a fiberglass pool may end up spending more time paying for it, than in it. Concrete gunite pools on the other hand are reinforced with rebar and poured right on the spot, allowing our pool designers to create a truly one of a kind pool of any size and shape.
Interested in a hot tub add-on? Done. How about custom water features? A Beach styled pool entrance? All these options just aren’t available to Mooresville homeowners whom decide to purchase a fiberglass pool over a concrete gunite pool. Speak with our staff today at Carolina Pool Consultants, we’ll work with you to make sure we make your dream pool a reality!
If you are needing financing on our superior inground concrete pools, work with Lyons Bank here in Mooresville North Carolina!

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