Mooresville Year Round Pool Builders At Carolina Pool Consultants Offer The Best Pool Building Services

When you are ready to transform your backyard with a beautiful custom inground concrete swimming pool in Mooresville NC, rely on Carolina Pool Consultants for the best pool building services. We work with homeowners across Greater Charlotte to help bring their vision for their backyard to life. Discuss with us the pros of concrete pools over fiberglass pools today and schedule your installation with us by calling 704-799-5236.
Knowing the truth behind fiberglass pools will likely end up changing your mind on what type of pool that you want to install in your backyard. Here are some of the facts on fiberglass pools

Fiberglass Pools
– little to no customization
– must be backfilled
– extremely difficult to repair
– must be selected from a catalogue
Fiberglass pools are shipped in their final form, meaning you have little to no room to design the pool how you want. Because they are shipped in their final form, they must be set into place, by process of backfilling, which can lead to major leaks, bulging sidewalls, even spider cracks.
Concrete pools on the other hand can be made into any shape, size, and depth that you want and can have custom features like an over-flow attached spa or seat shelves within the pool.
Call Carolina Pool Consultants today at 704-799-5236 to schedule your concrete pool installation in Mooresville NC with our expert pool builders. We build pools year round so you don’t have to wait for the spring season to get your custom concrete pool built.

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