Mooresville Concrete Pool Builder CPC Pools Explains The Difference Between Fiberglass Pools & Concrete Pools

Reach out to Mooresville concrete pool builder CPC Pools, the premier pool builder in all of North Carolina. Homeowners looking for the greatest versatility and ability to customize their backyard retreat go with concrete pools, over fiberglass pools. Speak with our new pool experts today to learn the variety of benefits concrete pools offer over fiberglass.
What does your perfect pool include? How about a custom hardscape to relax upon and sun on, and a hot tub that you can slip in and out of? What if you could dive straight from that hot tub into your pool, with a custom water feature cascading over you? Pools built with concrete give the flexibility to make this a reality, whereas fiberglass is limited by the material itself.
Finding the perfect pool to last as long as the very memories you make in it means concrete is the only way to go. Concrete pools are by far more durable than fiberglass pools, the latter of which could require repair and replacement if scratched or cracked by the very tools used to clean them. While fiberglass does have a lower entry fee, not having to deal with repair and replacement over the long run can save a tremendous amount of money.
Call Mooresville concrete pool builder CPC Pools today to build out the perfect new pool. Your own personal backyard retreat wouldn’t be complete without your own personal touches and CPC Pools will work closely with you to ensure all aspects of your new concrete pool are nothing short of a dream come true.

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