Looking To Increase Your Home's Value? Give A Call To Our Davidson NC Concrete Gunite Pool Builders!

We all look forward to being comfortable in our own homes, but what about our property’s value in the long run? Building a concrete gunite pool rather than a fiberglass pool or vinyl pool adds tremendous value to a home, while ensuring you’re not paying out for repair bills down the line!
Carolina Pool Consultants has been part of the of the Davidson NC community for years, and has been helping homeowners make the best financial decision concerning new pool builds- while vinyl is the cheapest of all pools to build with fiberglass coming in second, each are by far less durable than a concrete gunite pool.
Homeowners will find over the long run, they’ll end up expending by far more on vinyl pools and fiberglass pools through maintenance and repair than they would ever spend on a concrete pool. Vinyl pool owners are faced with a $4000 replacement bill every 3-8 years, with repair bills every time something without smooth surfaces enters the pool. Fiberglass pool owners on the other hand worry with each passing storm if the sand backfill around their pool has shifted, leading to bulging and another bill.
Make the right decision; a concrete gunite pool is reinforced with rebar, and EXTREMELY durable. Davidson homeowners looking to build a new pool should consider that with a concrete gunite pool, they’ll be able to have custom additions such as a hot tub addon, beautiful water features and sparkling custom finishes, simply not available to those whom decided to purchase a fiberglass or vinyl pool!
If you are needing financing on our superior inground concrete pools, work with Lyons Bank here in Davidson North Carolina!

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