Lincolnton NC Year Round Pool Builder Carolina Pool Consultants Offers Superior Pool Building Services

Homeowners in Lincolnton North Carolina that are looking to transform their backyard with a new custom concrete pool rely on Carolina Pool Consultants, the superior pool builder here in the Lake Norman and Denver NC area. We build superior concrete pools year round so you don’t have to wait until spring to get your new pool built. Call our expert pool builders in Denver North Carolina at 704-799-5236.

When it comes to installing a new pool in your backyard, you may be looking into various types of pools. One question we hear all the time is, “Which is better, a concrete pool or a vinyl liner pool?” And the answer is, it depends, but almost always concrete is the better choice. Concrete pools offer limitless customization options such as shape, size and depth, are more durable and longer lasting than vinyl liner pools and are not easily damaged by pool toys, equipment, children and pets.

Vinyl liner pools often are attractive to homeowners because of their lower up front cost. But when homeowners find out that vinyl liner replacement happens every 5 years or so and learn that vinyl liners easily rip and get dirty, concrete pools become a more attractive option.

Install a superior concrete pool in Lincolnton North Carolina by calling the best concrete pool builders at Carolina Pool Consultants. We make it easy for you to bring your vision for your backyard to life. Call Carolina Pool Consultants today and speak with Eddie to schedule your pool installation consultation, 704-799-5236.

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