Learn The Difference Between A Premolded Fiberglass Pool And A Concrete Pool; It Can Save Your Family More Than Just Money

We hear from customers both across North Carolina and the nation, about their nightmare experiences with fiberglass pool installers- regrettably the horror stories are out there. As a concrete pool builder of course we always encourage those we work with to build a concrete pool, but for good reason; it often ends up saving homeowners money, and the heartache seen in the story below;
After purchasing a fiberglass pool last year, we have been trying to get the pool repaired, and replaced since the day we got it. The pool came with dimples and holes on the pool steps themselves- within two weeks, the fiberglass pool had warped at every curve. We have a small fiberglass pool that’s all curves; now from the top to the bottom there’s warps that run the length of the pool. The fiberglass manufacturer blames the pool installers (whom did do a few things wrong), but we have photos of the installation and there are warps in the pool before it was even installed. Our pool was flawed from the moment it was preformed and shipped to our house, and since our pool installers shut their doors (in part thanks to this), the manufacturer is placing all the blame on them. The manufacturers actually had our installers make a mess and rip out about a foot of concrete from all around the fiberglass pool, claiming it would just ‘pop’ back into shape. We’re left with a pool both unsafe to swim in, walk around, and one we’re incapable of even putting a safety cover over, as nothing will fit. I wish we had known more before purchasing a fiberglass pool- otherwise we would have immediately purchased a concrete one.
It’s sad that it took all this took place to begin with. Such email testimonials as sad as they are, help us to help educate you on the potential dangers of purchasing and having a fiberglass pool built. It also allows us to share those companies whom have reneged on their product and their willingness to support their customers- with luck, we’ll be able to help prevent such occurrences in the future.
Knowledge is power, and your testimonials truly mean the world to us at CPC Pools- simply put, it helps us all if you share your bad experiences with pool installers and fiberglass pools. If you’ve had a bad experience, please contact us at 704-799-5236; we’ll do anything that we can to help repair the situation, and share out your concerns so that others can benefit as well.

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