Our Lake Norman Concrete Gunite Pool Builder Family Gives A Concrete Understanding Why Not To Build A Vinyl Pool

Lake Norman homeowners looking to increase the value of their property can contact our veteran concrete gunite pool builders at Carolina Pool Consultants. For years our family approach to pool construction has given us the ability to better connect with our community, ensuring the end product we deliver is nothing short of perfect.
Our custom concrete gunite pools are a farcry from vinyl pools- did you know having a vinyl pool on your property can actually decrease the property’s resale value? When looking to purchase a home, knowing that a vinyl pool is on the property with a liner that needs to be replaced every 3-8 years can create subliminal and very real financial obstacles to potential homeowners looking to purchase your property.
Concrete gunite pools are built to last; with rebar reinforcements spread throughout the concrete frame, our Lake Norman pool projects can be customized to fit any size and design you can possibly imagine, while serving as a place for new family memories years down the line.
Homeowners considering a vinyl pool on the other hand should be aware of the vinyl repair and replacement bills facing them- each average replacement price for a vinyl liner will cost homeowners around $4000, a price which very quickly adds up, and can deter potential buyers.
Reach out to the best Lake Norman concrete gunite pool builders today, CPC Pools won’t give you the runaround, but we WILL give you the best care and best construction that you’ll find on a pool anywhere in North Carolina.
If you are needing financing on our superior inground concrete pools, work with Lyons Bank here in Lake Norman North Carolina!

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