Knowledge Is Power: Vinyl Swimming Pools Compared To Concrete Swimming Pools

Knowledge is Power. Through time this phrase has proven true time and time again, which is why CPC Pools strives to educate consumers on concrete swimming pools vs vinyl pools. Just what are the costs associated with each? What are the hidden costs? What custom options do you have? At the end of this article we aim to ensure you’re able to make a more informed decision when deciding to purchase a new pool.
Vinyl swimming pools have undoubtedly the lowest entry cost of any pool; they also have perhaps the highest lifetime expenses, recurring costs and hidden costs among any other form of pool.
You see the vinyl liner that gives the pool its name is exceptionally fragile, and can be punctured by the very tools used to clean it. Families that have children, pets, overhanging branches or expect an object with a surface that isn’t smooth to enter their pool risk puncturing said vinyl liner.
Every 3-8 years a vinyl liner must be replaced. Average replacement costs go for $4000 including water replacement. These costs are built in and CANNOT be avoided, ensuring any homeowners whom plan to stay on their property for a period of time end up paying out the nose for their vinyl pool.
A hidden cost that vinyl pools incur is the actual drop in home value when a vinyl pool is installed; the aforesaid replacement costs are considered by potential buyers before they purchase, and taken into consideration with the knowledge they’ll be lumbered with the same repair and replacement costs.
We urge all homeowners to work with concrete rather than vinyl, not just for the myriad of custom pool options available to concrete owners, but the simple longterm costs. Concrete pools compared to vinyl pools end up being by far more cost efficient than vinyl in the longrun, and can actually increase home value rather than devalue homes.
Learn more, and discover all the differences between vinyl swimming pools vs concrete swimming pools by reaching out to our CPC staff today!

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