How Do Fiberglass Swimming Pools Compare To Concrete Pools?

Just what are the differences between a fiberglass pool compared to a concrete pool? Our Carolina Pool Consultants are the premier concrete pool builders throughout the Carolina’s- for years we’ve helped educate home owners on different pool types so they can make informed decisions.
We prefer to work exclusively with concrete specifically because it provides the greatest versatility, longevity and cost effectiveness for our customers. While fiberglass pools do have an initial lower entry cost, additional expenses throughout the lifetime of the pool end up costing by far more than a concrete pool.
To understand why, let’s look at how a fiberglass pool is made: fiberglass pools are formed in preset molds, and from there must be shipped from the manufacturer to homes. These molds immediately limit the size and inherent design of these pools to begin with, shackling homeowner’s freedom and control before they even begin to consider costs.
During the shipping process fiberglass pools have been known to develop warps within the frame, which may not be apparent until the pool is set into the ground. Fiberglass pools require a sand backfill to set in, which during a heavy storm can create erosion, leading to warps, bulges and hairline fissures within the fiberglass shell.
All of these repair costs can ensure fiberglass pool owners spend more time paying for their pool, than enjoying it. Further maintenance costs such as repairing the fiberglass layers as they flake off into the pool through general usage create financial strain that’s inherent to the pool itself.
Taken together, these reasons have driven our family owned and operated company to specifically work with concrete pools rather than fiberglass pools. Our Carolina Pool Consultants work side by side with homeowners to design a truly one of a kind pool that’s then poured right on the spot, and reinforced with rebar.
If you truly want a one of a kind pool with custom options (Check out our custom pool gallery!) to turn your dream backyard paradise into a reality, there is no substitute in pool building than a concrete pool- reach out to our staff today to learn more.

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