Before Installing Your Fiberglass Pool In Lake Norman NC Read About The Top 4 Problems With Pre-Fabricated Pools

Many homeowners are attracted towards the affordability of fiberglass pools. On paper, they promote low maintenance, longevity, and the clean looks that fiberglass creates. However, did you know that not all pools are created equal and fiberglass pools can have serious problems, even in the early years of their life?
Most of the problems associated with prefabricated pools is in the nature of how they are installed. Because fiberglass pools in Lake Norman NC are shipped to your home in their final state, they must be secured to the ground in some fashion, often with sand. Pools require a proper foundation to prevent leakage, and when you are securing a pool into a specific position in your backyard, rather than building a pool out of concrete into the space you want, problems can arise.
Sand is often used for back-filling the pool into your backyard. When the sand gets wet, it liquefies, creating a tremendous amount of pressure that can create warping and bulging sidewalls. You don’t want your brand new pool to have warping sidewalls that will detract from the overall look and feel of your pool.
Moreover, fiberglass pools can peel, scratch, fade, even crack over time, usually from normal wear and tear or sun exposure. While many of these blemishes can be repaired, it is often hard to color-match when repairing the fiberglass.
Let Carolina Pool Consultants help you build the dream concrete pool that you have always wanted in Lake Norman North Carolina. Fiberglass pools can cause a lot of headaches that simply aren’t necessary for you to deal with. By investing the larger upfront cost in concrete, you can enjoy a low-maintenance, beautiful, custom pool right in your backyard. Give our expert pool builders a call today at 704-799-5236.

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