Huntersville Homeowners Should Invest In A Concrete Gunite Pool Instead Of A Vinyl Pool This Spring!

Looking to make an investment in a new family pool? Working with a concrete gunite pool is the only way to go if you value both affordability and have a vision of your own custom pool. Our Carolina Pool Consultants family has been helping Huntersville homeowners for years, creating custom pool creations that bring your backyard to life!
First and foremost is cost; yes, vinyl pools have the lowest initial investment cost which is a big draw to homeowners. The cost difference between a concrete gunite pool and vinyl pool is quickly offset however when families realize they’ll be replacing the vinyl liner in as little as 3-8 years, with each replacement + water costs coming up to an average of $4000 a pop.
Concrete gunite pools in comparison are extremely durable and built to last. Vinyl pool homeowners need to be on the lookout for falling branches, pets, children and any objects that don’t have smooth surfaces otherwise they risk scratches and punctures to the vinyl liner.
Give yourself the gift of a truly wise investment– even during this cold weather our Carolina Pool Consultants family will build out your own backyard paradise! Deciding to build a concrete gunite pool can drastically increase your home’s value as well, whereas a vinyl pool might actually detract from it.
Reach out to our family today, so we can help inform your own on smart pool purchasing decisions.

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