How to choose the depth of your pool?

How to choose the depth of your pool?

Building a swimming pool in your garden implies determining all the characteristics of this space and being able to do it in a suitable way for all the people who will be using it. Getting expert advice is important before implementing any design or idea that you have in mind to build.

The pool bottom profile and the depth of the hull usually take a back seat in pool construction projects. However, these two parameters determine the use you want to make of your installation if it is for your comfort, safety, and maintenance budget. There are multiple solutions regarding the bottom of a pool as a curved bottom, a flat bottom with a pit, or any other type of pool. Pool builders will be able to guide you in this process.

Ask yourself some questions that are necessary to make good decisions, such as: Is it a family pool? Will there be children? Is it an individual training pool? What kind of use will I get out of it? Answering some of these questions is crucial for deciding the depth of this type of space.

This article will tell you some information that we believe you should know to make the right choice and avoid future accidents or inconveniences.

Several denominations are available on the market, and all of them are designed according to certain standards. Among the best known are flat bottoms, progressive slope bottoms, and bottoms with slopes of different levels.

Types of pool bottoms

Appropriate bottoms for family use (swimming, games, people of different heights)

  • The flat bottom of 1.20 meters: an ideal playground for children and a real place of relaxation for parents. Very suitable for non-swimmers;
  • Curved bottom from 1.20 to 1.80 meters: shallow parts on the sides plus a deeper zone in the middle of the pool. A good solution for people who are afraid of water, children, or small people, and those who like to dive from the edge. It is the most simple bottom to clean.
  • Mini pit from 1.20 to 1.80 meters: a flat part dedicated to games and a deep pit for divers who dive from the edge.

Note: With an optimized water volume, these three kinds of bottoms have two other advantages: the water heats up quickly, and the maintenance budget is lower.

Sports use:

  • To launch from a platform: Great depth
  • For swimming: all types of bottoms, the relevant parameter is the length of the pool.


Main factors to consider in this type of construction

  1. Purpose: Floor according to the activities and habits. If you want a family pool for bathing and resting, perhaps it is more suitable to choose a bottom where you stand, a flat bottom with a reasonable depth, or different levels. If you are fond of diving, choose more depth of course.
  2. User: Ages of those who will use the place, sizes, and swimming skills.
  3. Comfort and maintenance: the deeper your pool is, the cooler the water will be because it will heat up more slowly, so the more water you have, the longer it will take to clean.
  4. Budget: Depending on the complexity of the bottom installation and its maintenance. The more complex and deeper the pool bottom is, the more expensive the construction work will be.

All the information you need to know before building a space like this can help to have solutions that adapt to our needs. Also, to be able to give greater security to the people who are going to make use of this space.

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