How do you secure a swimming pool for kids?

How do you secure a swimming pool for kids?

When we decide to build a swimming pool in the backyard of our house, we want all the members of our home to have endless hours of games and fun in the water to enjoy the summer, for the youngest of the family the swimming pool becomes the best entertainment center they can have, they want to be all day swimming back and forth, however they are not aware that this place can be dangerous, so adults should make the swimming pool a place of fun but also a safe place.

In this article we tell you some tips to make your swimming pool a safe place for children.

Fences for the swimming pool:

Four-sided fences are not a requirement throughout the United States, but they are the safest when thinking about children, they may not be the most aesthetically pleasing or beautiful for backyard decoration, but they will certainly be the most effective in preventing drowning. Ideally for the fence you install to be safe it should be 4 feet high on all four sides of the swimming pool, make sure the fence has no openings where a child can pass through and also no protrusions that children can use to climb the fence and pass to the side of the swimming pool.

It is imperative that the gate that allows access to the swimming pool closes and locks automatically and that the locks are out of the reach of children, also take into account when installing the gate that the distance between the ground and the bottom of the fence is less than 4 inches. Keep the gate closed to prevent easy access to the swimming pool.

Unobstructed swimming pool:

When children are playing in the swimming pool they find it exciting to have floats, balls, toys that add to the fun, but when the children are no longer in the water it is best to clear the swimming pool and put away all the toys as they are attractive to the children and at any time they will want to go to the pool again for their toys.

It is also important to constantly maintain the swimming pool so that the water is as clear as possible and you can see everything in the pool. For safety it is important to keep a life preserver and a reach pole in the same place at all times.

Swimming pool alarm:

For added security, have an alarm that tells you when the door leading to the swimming pool opens or an alarm that detects movement in the water and at that moment is activated, a tip is that the sound of that alarm is unique so you can distinguish it quickly.

Swimming pool cover:

You can use motorized rigid safety covers to cover your swimming pool when you are not using it, either in cold weather or even in summer. Make sure the cover fits snugly over the surface of the swimming pool, because if there are gaps a child could get trapped.

anti-clogging drain covers:

The Virginia Graeme Baker Federal Pool and Spa Safety Act requires that all public swimming pools must have anti-entrapment drain covers installed to prevent people from becoming trapped in drains.

Another factor to take into account is if you have accessories for your pets to enter the swimming pool, such as ramps that can also be attractive for the little ones of the house, then it is best to remove them while the swimming pool is not in use. We know that the ideal is that all family members have fun so it is also important to know how to make the pool for your pets a fun place.

Finally, always keep a constant eye on the children while they are enjoying the water, take turns with another adult for 30 minutes to keep an eye on them so everyone can enjoy a happy and safe summer in the swimming pool.

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