How do you make a pool party fun?

How do you make a pool party fun?

We have all thought about having a big party in our swimming pool as soon as summer arrives, one full of games, music, food, drinks, dancing and lots of fun. We have had the desire to have parties for our birthday or for the little ones of the house, family parties, integration parties, parties with friends and also with neighbors. However, there are things that we must take into account so that everything goes perfectly and we are the best hosts of the day.

The pool construction is the most important step to start idealizing any activity we want to do in the hot summer days. A good construction will give us security and tranquility.

When we decide to build our swimming pool what we most want is that it is a personalized, elegant space and in which we are at ease, so it is important to choose the right pool builder, as this person will help us to realize our ideas, the figure we want, the right size for the space we have, also tell us the lights that we can install inside the pool that will make it more fun and also the plants that will help us recreate the space of our dreams.

Now that the technical part is taken care of, we can start thinking about how to make our party fun and unique.


When you are going to have a party it is fun to choose a thematic, so your party will be original, among the options you have for this summer you can think of a Hawaiian party or beach costumes, it can be eighties or even if your party is at night you can take into account the neon colors.


To make your party more fun and colorful, place balloons, beach balls, mats of different colors, inflatables and floats of various figures to make your party something special and fun, keep in mind that if your party is at night, you can place LED lights, garlands, candles and even torches, take advantage of every corner of your garden, if you have trees around the swimming pool decorated with lights that will highlight them.

Also keep in mind to place furniture to make your guests comfortable, you can set up hammocks, reclining chairs and tables for everyone to place their drinks and food.


For your swimming pool parties you can prepare a barbecue, but another good option is to prepare a light menu, for example, sandwiches, hamburgers or hot dogs, to go with it you can serve a variety of fresh fruits, jellies or ice cream.


It is ideal to place a drinks bar near the pool, prepare several cocktails with and without alcohol for all our guests to enjoy, choose glasses that will not cause accidents if they fall to the floor or the swimming pool, we must always think of everyone’s safety. Decorate the drinks with umbrellas, small floats, gumdrops, etc.


The swimming pool is the ideal place to have fun while playing, using water balloons or water pistols.  You can also organize games such as treasure hunt, Marco Polo, jumping contests, water polo, swimming competitions, dodgeball, etc. You can also play basketball, volleyball in and out of the water and even handball.

Finally, don’t forget to have plenty of towels available for all your guests, play good music according to the theme you have decided for your party. At the end thank everyone for attending and if you wish you can give them a bag with gifts so they remember how much fun your party was.  And now that you have some tips you can start preparing your ideal party.

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