How can I exercise in my home pool?

How can I exercise in my home pool?

Having a swimming pool at home brings us many benefits, among them being able to burn some calories while exercising in the water. 20 minutes a day is enough. You can perform a routine that helps tone muscles, provides greater elasticity and resistance. Enjoying the hot summer days can be more fun than you had imagined, even if you have an indoor swimming pool you can continue with your routines in any season of the year.

We can highlight that exercising in the swimming pool improves blood circulation, improves cellulite, prevents obesity and helps to improve osteoporosis. Aquatic exercises are important to recover from any injury, in turn contribute to improving physical, mental and social health, relieving back pain, joint and muscle pain.

If you have children in your home or family with developmental disorders such as paralysis, muscular atrophy or autism, the swimming pool can become your best ally to improve speech, coordination and even help them gain self-confidence. Now, if there are elderly adults at home, swimming and controlling their movements with exercises in the water will help them avoid falls.

Exercises you can do

  • Walking and running: You should take 10 to 20 steps forward and then backward, increasing and decreasing the speed so that you have greater difficulty and the exercise has greater results. You should jog for 30 seconds in the same place, and walk sideways, crossing the right foot over the left and the left over the right.
  • Balance: Place one leg firm and raise the knee of the other leg to hip height for 30 seconds, then switch legs, ideally 5 times per side.
  • Bicycle: Go to a shallow side of the swimming pool, grab a foam noodle or two to support the trunk of your body, then bring your legs up and start moving them as if you were riding a bicycle. Do the exercise for 3 minutes.
  • Burpees: Standing, facing the wall of the swimming pool, lean your hands on the edge and try to jump out of the pool in one jump. Repeat for one minute, you will exercise your arms and shoulders.
  • Triceps: In an upright position, floating in the water, grab the top step of the ladder and try to get out of the water with only arm momentum, but do not get out of the swimming pool.
  • Stride: From the edge, perform an extra large stride forward. Return to the starting position and repeat with the other leg. Do this 10 times per side.

These are some of the exercises you can do, however it is always good to consult with your doctor and physiotherapist. Now the question you should ask yourself is how to choose the right swimming pool builder, which is of utmost importance because they will help you to install safe spaces to exercise safely, where there are anti-slip areas, stairs, handrails if necessary among other essential aspects for the use you want to give to your space, we recommend that you always look for people who listen to your needs as a customer, in turn to be honest with what can be done and what not, because we all have a dream design and he will be the person who will help you make it happen.

Finally, wear water shoes for safety and to protect your toes, keep in mind that the water level should be above your waist or chest, keep a foam noodle handy for safety, and drink plenty of water because you are exercising.

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