Gastonia NC Concrete Pool Builder CPC Pools Saves Homeowners Money Over A Fiberglass Pool Model

Start building out your dream pool today with Gastonia concrete pool builder CPC Pools. For years Carolina Pool Consultants have been bringing your dream pool to life, while ensuring that the custom pool will be around for as long as the memories you make in it. Building with concrete for pools offer a variety of benefits over fiberglass, speak with our new pool experts today to start building out the perfect custom pool.
Any homeowner spending money on a new pool is making an investment- wouldn’t you want to ensure that the end product turns out right? By working with concrete Carolina Pool Consultants is able to make this a reality. Concrete pools can be shaped to any design imaginable, whereas fiberglass pools are extremely limited in their design due to their pre-formed nature. Save money on your personalized backyard retreat and have it done right the first time with a concrete pool.
Not only is fiberglass not nearly as customizable, the material itself offers multiple drawbacks over concrete. Preformed pools can be very brittle, and the sand backfill used to secure fiberglass pools in the ground can easily shift with settling and heavy rain. This shifting can lead to bulging in the frame & spiderline cracks throughout that overall can lead to costly repairs and replacement fees due to decreased integrity.
Speak with Gastonia concrete pool builder CPC Pools today for the perfect pool the first time- our new pool designers help homeowners to save money both on their build and replacement bills down the road. Invest wisely and build the pool of your dreams with CPC Pools today.

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