Find Out Which Is Better A Concrete Swimming Pool Or A Vinyl Liner Swimming Pool In Lake Norman

Homeowners that have come to us that are thinking about investing in their home and building a beautiful pool often ask us, “Which is better, a concrete swimming pool or a vinyl liner pool”. While there are pros and cons to both, we will help you understand what makes a pool great so you can make an educated decision on which type of pool that you want in Lake Norman.

Lets start with a vinyl pool. A vinyl liner pool, as it sounds, comes with a vinyl liner, which is what creates the look and basin of the pool that holds the water. A hole is dug into the ground and you select a shape of pool based on what is offered by the vinyl liner pool builder. Vinyl liner pools have the lowest upfront cost, but the liner must be replaced in as little as three years. Vinyl liner pools are also subject to ripping and tearing from children and pets as well as debris from storms.

Moreover, if you are considering listing your home for sale, vinyl liner pools can actually decrease the value of your home.

In short, vinyl liner pools are for homeowners that want no customization, want to spend the least amount of money upfront, and don’t care about how their pool looks or if there are costly repairs down the line.

Concrete pools on the other hand will always have a higher upfront cost than vinyl. However, with a concrete pool you can create any shape, size, or depth pool that you want – the options are limitless. You don’t have to worry about any liner ripping, because there isn’t one, and a custom concrete pool is usually the most sought after pool so it will help increase the value of your property for home buyers that are looking for a lovely home that is move-in ready with a fantastic pool already installed.

Concrete pools look better, last longer, and are not as risk of being damaged like a vinyl liner pool is. Concrete pools are generally great for homeowners that want unlimited options for their pool, want a more worry free pool experience, and want to create a beautiful backyard to enjoy for years to come.

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