Fiberglass Swimming Pools Vs Concrete Swimming Pools Which Is A Better Pool?

When building a pool in our minds it comes down to two aspects: cost and customization. Deciding between fiberglass swimming pools vs concrete swimming pools and which is a better pool can be arduous, but our Carolina Pool Consultants are the superior pool builders to turn to when initiating new pool construction.
Fiberglass pool costs can skyrocket once the leave the manufacturer developing warps in transit and hairline fissures can develop as they’re being set into the ground. This is because they’re created from limited molds offsite and must be transported to the home. Once set in, the fiberglass frame is subject to the elements in the form of erosion- should a heavy storm shift the sand backfill used to secure the fiberglass shell, bulges and cracks within the pool frame can further occur.
Taken in combination these can quickly add up to fiberglass pool owners spending more time paying for their pool than in and enjoying it. Concrete pools on the other hand are exceptionally durable and can be customized to any design you can possibly imagine!
How? Concrete pools are poured on site to the designs of our custom pool builders, but it also allows us to incorporate any of your design wishes, additions and custom options. Have you ever dreamed of custom water options, gently cascading into the pool from beautiful rock formations? How about a custom beach styled entryway? Sunshelf? Massive hot tub?
All options are available to concrete pool owners, but not to fiberglass pool owners simply due to the nature of how fiberglass pools are created from their molds. Bring your dream pool to life with a truly custom one of a kind pool; end the fiberglass pools vs concrete pools debate, give our Carolina Pool Consultants a call!

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