This Fall Season Start Construction Of A New Concrete Pool In Denver NC With CPC Pools, Where The Carolina's Go To Swim

This fall season is the perfect time to start building a new pool, Denver NC concrete pool builder CPC Pools looks forward to bringing your dream pool to life. By building with concrete rather than fiberglass, we’re able to fully customize your backyard retreat, turning it into a personalized paradise, ready for the spring.
Concrete is extremely customizable, it can be poured to fit any shape that you can possibly imagine. With by far more potential than premolded fiberglass pools that take a “one size fits all approach,” our custom pool designers can include water features, custom rock formations and any personalized options to make your pool one of a kind.
Building a pool today rather than waiting means that your new pool will be ready for the spring. CPC Pools encourages all of our customers to build with concrete rather than fiberglass to ensure they’re not paying out expensive repair bills down the line.
Fiberglass pools require sand backfill to seat and secure in the ground; this backfill is subject to heavy storms however. Erosion can shift the sand, causes bulges and hairline fractures in a fiberglass pool’s shell, leading to expensive repair or replacement bills.
Speak to our representatives at the top concrete pool builder in Denver NC, CPC Pools looks forward to building out your own personalized paradise this fall. Throughout the entire build process our designers will be with you every step of the way to ensure the end product we deliver is nothing short of perfect.

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