This Fall Build A Custom Concrete Pool In Waxhaw NC Rather Than A Fiberglass Pool For Family Memories For Years To Come

Waxhaw NC year round pool builder CPC Pools looks forward to making your dream pool a reality. By building with concrete rather than fiberglass, you’re not only saving your family money, but opening up the possibility for your own custom private paradise in your backyard.
Many of our customers ask, what’s the difference between a fiberglass pool versus a concrete pool? We always encourage families to go with a concrete pool, for both the durability and the pure amount of customization options available to consumers.
A premolded fiberglass pool is seated into the ground with sand backfill, which during a heavy storm can suffer erosion that may push the soil, creating bulges and hairline cracks in the fiberglass shell. Furthermore, fiberglass layers have a tendency to flake off just through general use, requiring expensive repair and replacement bills.
Concrete can be poured to fit any shape that you can possibly imagine, leading to all kinds of customization options, whereas premolded fiberglass frames take more of a “one size fits all” approach. You’re already putting down good money for a pool, and with a concrete pool you’ll be able to truly incorporate the custom options and feel that best fits your family.
Speak with CPC Pools today, the top concrete pool builder in Waxhaw NC. Our pool design technicians will be with you every step of the way, ensuring that the end product we deliver is nothing less than perfect, for your backyard personal paradise.

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