Discuss Sherrills Ford Concrete Pools Versus Fiberglass Pools With Carolina Pool Consultants

Before installing your fiberglass pool in Sherrills Ford North Carolina be sure to discuss the differences between fiberglass pools and concrete pools with Carolina Pool Consultants. Many homeowners initially look towards installing a fiberglass pool due to the lower up front cost of fiberglass compared with concrete. However, after learning of the problems associated with fiberglass pools, they often realize concrete is the way to go.

Did you know that all fiberglass pools are shipped to your home in their final form? This means that not only are you selecting from a catalogue which leaves little room for customization, but also that your pool must be backfilled? Backfilling is the process of securing your pool into the ground, often with sand, and when this sand gets wet, it creates extreme pressure against the sidewalls of your pool, often leading to bulging sidewalls.

Moreover, fiberglass pools, as a result of backfilling, are subject to major leaks and can develop spider cracks even in the early stages of their life. Don’t invest thousands of dollars into your backyard with a fiberglass pool that will bring hassle and headache from the get-go. What’s worse, fiberglass pools are extremely difficult to repair and it is nearly impossible to match the repaired fiberglass to the original fiberglass.

Get a superior concrete pool installed in your Sherrills Ford NC backyard by working with concrete pool builders Carolina Pool Consultants today. We build pools year round and can help you get your backyard ready for the next season! Speak with our concrete pool specialists today by calling us at 704-799-5236.

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