Deciding On A Fiberglass Pool Vs Concrete Gunite Pool? We're The Best Cornelius Pool Builder, Take Advantage Of Our Expert Knowledge!

Cornelius homeowners, what are you looking for in a backyard retreat? Our Carolina Pool Consultants family is the best Cornelius concrete gunite pool builder in the Carolina’s, we look forward to making your dream pool a reality! Potential pool owners may consider fiberglass pools due to their lower entry cost, but having a concrete gunite pool will end up costing them much less in the long run, while giving you more customization options to boot!
Did you know that concrete gunite is reinforced with rebar? As concrete is poured right on the spot, we can create any size and design of pool you can possibly imagine! A fiberglass pool is molded in set molds at a manufacturer, severely limiting design; it’s then shipped to homes, wherein it can develop warps in transit.
Premolded fiberglass pools can develop warps that may not be apparent until the pool is set into the ground- furthermore the sand backfill used to secure the pools can shift after a heavy rain, leading to hairline fractures within the fiberglass shell. This can exponentially add on to repair and maintenance, above and beyond the price of installation.
Cornelius homeowners deciding to purchase a concrete gunite pool rather than a fiberglass pool are given access to customization options that simply aren’t available in a fiberglass pool- have you ever dreamed of making your dream pool become a reality? We can do so, and our concrete pools are built to last. Call our staff today for your custom inground concrete gunite pool!

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