Deciding Between Fiberglass and Concrete Pools In Cornelius NC Is Easy With Carolina Pool Consultants

Homeowners in Cornelius North Carolina that are looking to create the ultimate escape in their backyard can install a new custom pool with Carolina Pool Consultants. When considering fiberglass pools versus concrete pools it is important to think long term to make the right decision. While concrete pools often have a larger up front cost, the advantages over fiberglass make it well worth the cost.
Did you know that fiberglass pools must be back-filled into place to secure them into your yard? Because fiberglass pools are shipped in their final form, a substance like sand must be used around the entirety of the pool to hold it into place. This presents a problem because when the sand gets wet, it liquefies, creating a tremendous amount of pressure against your fiberglass pool’s walls, often resulting in bulging sidewalls.
Fiberglass pools are extremely difficult to repair and after spending thousands of dollars investing in your backyard, the last thing you want to do is have a fiberglass pool with bulging sidewalls or spider cracks. Concrete pools do not have these problems, making them well worth the initial investment.
Rely on Carolina Pool Consultants to build you a spectacular pool in Cornelius North Carolina that is exactly what you are looking for. With limitless options from shape, size, and depth, we can build you the custom pool you have always wanted. Speak with our expert pool builders today by calling 704-799-5236 for more information.

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