Davidson Fiberglass Pools Pose More Problems To Homeowners Than Their Concrete Counterparts

Carolina Pool Consultants understands the importance of having a relaxing, enjoyable, and stress free backyard with your new pool. Oftentimes, homeowners that have decided to build their dream retreat in their backyard compare the differences between fiberglass pools and concrete pools. While the upfront cost of a concrete pool can be higher than fiberglass, the problems posed by fiberglass far outweighs the difference in cost.

Fiberglass pools are shipped to the purchaser in their final form. This means they are limited to a specific shape, size, depth, and design that is offered by the pool seller. Because this is how fiberglass pools are delivered, it means they have to be installed into a section of ground in your backyard and then backfilled to hold the pool in place. Sand is most often used to accomplish this, however, when the sand gets wet, it liquifies, creating extreme stress on the fiberglass due to the pressure exerted by the liquid sand. Ultimately, this can result in bulging sidewalls, which is not easy to repair.

Moreover, fiberglass pools are prone to spider-cracking. These small, delicate, visible but usually harmless cracks merely detract from the overall look of your pool. While it is unlikely that these spider cracks will end up causing any damage to your pool, it will make your pool less attractive. When you are spending thousands of dollars to create a relaxing retreat in your backyard, aesthetics are extremely important; you don’t want to spend all that money and then have a cracky pool.

Let Carolina Pool Consultants work with you to design the ultimate concrete pool for your backyard. We will work with you one on one throughout the entire process, ensuring your needs are identified so our final project meets those needs. Concrete pools won’t give you the long term headaches that fiberglass pools will. Call Carolina Pool Consultants today for more information on Davidson concrete pools at 704-799-5236.

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