Davidson Concrete Pool Builder Carolina Pool Consultants Explains The Difference Between Fiberglass & Concrete Pools

Reach out to Davidson NC concrete pool builder Carolina Pool Consultants today to start building out the perfect new pool- when you build with concrete rather than fiberglass, you’re building out your own personal retreat, complete with all the amenities you could ever want. Live well and relax well with a new pool from CPC Pools.
Building a pool with concrete provides a variety of benefits and options to homeowners, first and foremost the options to customize. At the end of the day, you want your pool to suit you right? You want the water features to relax under, the beautiful greenery options to compliment the décor, and the custom hardscape to relax upon and sun during parties and get-togethers. Concrete provides these options, while pre-formed fiberglass pools do not.
Not only is concrete by far more customizable than fiberglass, it’s also by far more durable. Fiberglass and any preformed pool models can come with a variety of defects that don’t become apparent until use of the pool itself, leading to costly repair and replacement bills. Spiderline cracks in fiberglass and the dreaded bubbles can deform fiberglass pools- concrete is poured on the spot to eliminate these costly headaches, and has a by far longer lifespan to boot.
When building a truly custom pool, ensure that you’re building something that will be around as long as the memories you make in it, speak with Davidson concrete pool builder CPC Pools today. Save your wallet and save the memories with a concrete pool, we’ll make your dream pool into a reality.

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