CPC Pool's Year Round Superior Hickory NC Pool Builders Give You The Facts On Concrete Vs Vinyl Pools

Get the facts first when building a new pool, our Carolina Pool Consultants family of superior Hickory NC concrete gunite pool builders can help you save when you’re thinking about building a vinyl pool vs concrete pool. Over time, vinyl pool costs quickly add up, and can end up costing by far more than ANY pool variant!
To understand why a vinyl pool costs so much, first we have to understand how they’re made. Vinyl pools get their name from a vinyl liner, that at first makes the pool cost less, but quickly creates an issue- vinyl liners are extremely fragile, and can be punctured by the very tools used to clean them. Not only this, but vinyl pool liners must be replaced every 3-8 years, and with a cost of around $4000 each, that adds up quickly.
Concrete pools on the other hand are EXTREMELY durable- we find at the end of the day vinyl pool owners spend more time paying for repairs and replacements, than actually in and enjoying their pools.
Concrete pools can be customized to any shape and design that you and your family could desire, making your dream pool a reality. From custom water features that cascade out of a hot tub, to rock and tile formations galore, to a beach style entrance- if you can dream it, we can build it.
Reach out to our Hickory NC concrete pool builders today, we’re proud to work YEAR ROUND with you and your family to build out the centerpiece your family will make memories around for years to come!

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