Concrete Swimming Pools Compared To Vinyl Swimming Pools: Know The Difference

Every day our Carolina Pool Consultants crew gets asked “Which is better, a concrete pool or vinyl pool?” Homeowners shopping around for their first pool purchase have plenty of questions, and we’re happy to oblige them with our pool building knowledge.
A trip-up that many homeowners get stuck on when looking at concrete pools compared to vinyl pools is the cost: the original price simply doesn’t show the full picture. Vinyl pools have a much lower entry price but have recurring replacement costs associated with them.
Every 3-8 years a vinyl pool liner must be replaced, with average costs (including water replacement) going for around $4000. Add on to that the fact vinyl pools can be punctured by the very tools used to clean them, and you’ve got hidden fees that quickly exceed the price tag any other form of pool could accrue.
The saying you get what you pay for is true, especially in the case of concrete. Yes, concrete does have a higher upfront cost, but it’s also built to last and can be customized to any design you could imagine. Vinyl pools simply are less desirable to potential buyers knowing they’ll be lumbered with said recurring costs, and a vinyl pool can actually end up lowering your home’s value!
Get the facts, make the right decision and invest wisely when you’re looking to build a new pool. Get the facts on concrete swimming pools vs vinyl swimming pools from our Carolina Pool Consultants and save on your new pool purchases today!

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