Concrete Swimming Pool History

Concrete Swimming Pool History

As you know the pool construction process has changed so much over the years! One of the first constructions was The Great Baths of Mohenjodaro, an ancient bathing place in Pakistan. A brick-built, plaster-covered place with terraces. This space was not used for swimming purposes but for rituals or religious ceremonies.
Pool builders today employ techniques that are much simpler, but more technological during the construction process. However, the inventors still have a big influence on modern builds. Egyptian hieroglyphs have even been constructed in some historic pyramids; you’ll see that those constructions are very similar to today’s pools.

The first pools were natural or better known as thermal baths. The idea of having a smaller space, with less depth that also included hot water was very attractive. The purpose of the pools was to preserve the fish that would later be used as food. Later, when Christianity arrived, baptismal basins were given the same name. Nowadays, pools are no longer related to religion or business development but are associated with sports and recreational activities!

How did this evolution in the use of swimming pools come about?

Artificial swimming pools emerged in the ancient world, more specifically in Rome and Greece. Swimming pools became essential to educate children. During these time periods pools were only a luxury for the rich. Pools did not become popular until the mid 19th century in the 1830s, when six indoor swimming pools with diving boards were built in London, England. Then the famous Olympic Games began, and swimming events were broadcasted nationally. According to our research, the first swimming pool in the United States was in Boston and opened in 1868. It served as the neighborhood “bathhouse”.

During the 20th century, many scientific and technological advances occurred in the construction of swimming pools. Such as chlorination and water filtration, which helped maintain the cleanliness of today’s pools. Many years ago the process of cleaning pools used to be done by emptying the pool, and replacing all the pool water. So this development in maintaining the pool’s sanitation allowed the idea of pool construction to be considered in many more facilities.

The United States played a big part in the expansion of pools once gunite pools were invented. It enabled faster installation, more flexible customized designs, and lower costs than ever before. The post-war period also played a part in the desire for swimming pools.

Due to the covid-19 pandemic the demand for swimming pools has increased tremendously.

The norm of quarantine was new for many across the country, and building a pool in your own backyard served as a good counteract for the confinement. Swimming pools were one of the greatest innovations of the past, and today serve as a place for relaxation, fun, and sports. Many around the world enjoy this invention, and being able to have easy access to a pool of your preference today is now possible.

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