Compare Fiberglass Pools Versus Concrete Pools In Gastonia NC With Carolina Pool Consultants

Homeowners in Gastonia NC that are looking to install a new pool in their backyard should consider the advantages that concrete pools have over fiberglass pools before settling on a fiberglass pool for their Gastonia home. Speak with our expert pool builders today to discuss the differences between fiberglass pools versus concrete pools by calling Carolina Pool Consultants at 704-799-5236.

Fiberglass pools offer little to no customization to the homeowner; they are selected from a catalogue and come in a specific shape, size, and a certain depth. Concrete pools, because they are built from scratch can be any shape, size, or depth that you want and can have water features such as an attached spa with a waterfall.

Secondly, because fiberglass pools are not built into the ground and are shipped in their final form, they must be backfilled into place, often with sand. When the sand gets wet, it liquifies, creating a tremendous amount of pressure against your new pool, often times resulting in bulging sidewalls. Moreover, fiberglass pools can also get spider cracks and major leaks as a result of backfilling.

Get a superior concrete pool installed by Carolina Pool Consultants in Gastonia NC and enjoy your backyard for years to come. Avoid the headaches and hassles associated with fiberglass pools and let us bring your vision for your backyard to life. Discuss your needs with us today by calling us at 704-799-5236 and schedule your concrete pool installation in Gastonia NC. 

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