Compare Fiberglass Pools To Concrete Pools in Denver North Carolina with Carolina Pool Consultants

Before installing a new pool in your Denver North Carolina backyard be sure to compare the differences between a concrete pool and a fiberglass pool. At Carolina Pool Consultants, we install concrete pools for a variety of reasons and will help you make an informed decision regarding your new pool. Schedule your free concrete pool estimate in Denver North Carolina by calling us at 704-799-5236.

Concrete pools offer a number of advantages to property owners over fiberglass pools but the three most important advantages are: customization, low maintenance, and durability. Concrete pools are designed and installed at your home whereas fiberglass pools are ordered out of a catalogue and the shell ships to your property. This means with concrete, you can have any shape, size, or depth pool that you want and fiberglass is more limited.

Secondly, fiberglass pools can crack, chip, and develop bulging sidewalls whereas concrete pools are much more durable. Pets, children, pool equipment and storm debris can more easily damage a fiberglass shell which is difficult to repair than it can a concrete pool.

Finally, concrete pools when properly taken care of can last for years to come and are generally less maintenance than fiberglass pools.

Install a superior concrete pool in your Denver NC backyard with CPC Pools. We are the trusted concrete pool builder serving the Lake Norman, Lincolnton, and Denver NC areas. Schedule your concrete pool estimate with us today, call 704-799-5236.

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