Compare Concrete Pools to Vinyl Liner Pools In Denver North Carolina To Find Out Which Pool Is Right For You

At Carolina Pool Consultants, there isn’t a day that goes by that we aren’t asked which type of pool is better between concrete and vinyl liner pools. We almost always recommend concrete pools to homeowners in Denver NC for numerous reasons but the three main components are: cost, maintenance, and customization.
Homeowners that are looking to transform their backyard with a beautiful, truly custom pool can only go with concrete. Concrete pools can be poured into any shape, size or design that the homeowner wants. If you can think it – we can build it. If you want any sort of customization at all from underwater seat-shelves to overflow spas to water features, you also have to go with concrete. Vinyl liner pools are limited to the shape, size, and depth offered by the pool designer and leave little room for customization.
Concrete pools are made of, you guessed it, concrete. For that reason, they are far stronger than a vinyl liner pool. Nearly anything can rip the vinyl liner in a vinyl liner pool from pool equipment and toys to pets and children to debris from a storm. What about concrete? You don’t have those same worries. Concrete is durable and will last for years to come with proper maintenance and cleaning.
Finally, vinyl liner pools have to have their vinyl liner replaced. Concrete pools have no liner, so there is no liner to replace and therefore no liner replacement cost associated with concrete pools.
The only reason customers are initially attracted to vinyl liner pools is because they are uninformed about the options concrete pools afford them or aware of the downfalls vinyl liner pools come with. Get the superior pool installed in your backyard, call Denver North Carolina year round pool builder, CPC Pools today at 704-799-5236.

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