Compare Concrete Pools with Fiberglass Pools in Lake Norman With Carolina Pool Consultants

Before investing thousands of dollars in your backyard, it is important to get the facts on which pool is better for your home, a concrete pool or a swimming pool. We hear all the time from customers and clients “which is better: a concrete pool or a fiberglass pool?” We will go over the facts of each so you can make an educated decision on which type of pool you want in your backyard.
Let’s start with concrete! Concrete pools are built on-site in your backyard after digging out a hole that is roughly the shape of pool that you want. This means you can create any size pool that you want, any shape or design that you want, and have any depth in your pool. You can have a shallow end that gradually turns into a deep in, or have your entire pool be the same depth. This is all possible because of how your concrete pool is made.
Moreover, concrete pools can have attached water features such as an attached spa or waterfall, water fountain, or have shallow sunshelves.
Fiberglass pools are not built onsite, but rather delivered to your home in their final form. This means you generally are selecting from a catalogue and have little to no customization options. Because of this, fiberglass pools must be backfilled which leads to a whole slew of problems, like bulging sidewalls and spider cracks. Why spend thousands of dollars in your backyard with a pool that is destined to develop issues when the sand used in backfilling gets wet?
We build superior concrete pools and want to help you create a relaxing retreat right in your very own backyard. Yes, concrete pools do have a larger upfront cost than fiberglass pools, but in the long run require less maintenance and upkeep than fiberglass. Moreover, because concrete pools are not subjected to backfilling, you will not have expensive repairs regarding bulging sidewalls or spider cracks!
Give our expert pool builders a call today at 704-799-5236 for more information and let us help you transform your backyard with a beautiful custom pool in Lake Norman.
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