Charlotte NC Based Concrete Pool Builders CPC Pools Constructs One Of A Kind Backyard Retreats

Reach out to Charlotte NC concrete pool builder CPC Pools, where the Carolina’s go to swim. For years our new pool builders have served the local community, bringing your dream pool to life. We work with concrete to build out truly one of a kind pools not just for the design, but to save our customers money in the long run.
Working with concrete means that any pool design you can possibly imagine can become a reality. Concrete can be poured to fit any shape and design, whereas premolded fiberglass pools are extremely limited in their design, and do not allow us to add on the custom hot tubs, rock outcrops and water features cascading therefrom that you may wish for.
Concrete pools provide a solid foundation for years to come, both in a physical sense, and in relation to the very family memories you’ll make. Fiberglass pools in comparison are by far less durable, and can require complete refit or replacement if the sand backfill shifts surrounding the pool after a heavy rain. Fiberglass is brittle, and any shifting in that sand can lead to hairline cracks & bulges within the frame.
Speak with our custom Charlotte NC concrete pool designers today and build out your own personal backyard paradise. By speaking with Carolina Pool Consultants, we can save you money on repair and replacement bills down the road on expensive fiberglass pools- make sure you get the pool of your dreams the first time around when you call CPC Pools.

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