Charlotte Custom Pool Builder CPC Pools Builds Superior Concrete Pools

Before investing thousands of dollars into your Charlotte backyard with a brand new pool, have you compared the differences between concrete pools and vinyl liner pools? At Carolina Pool Consultants, we know that informed and educated homeowners end up going with concrete pools for a variety of reasons and are here to help you understand what makes concrete pools better for your backyard.

Concrete pools have the upper hand in three major ways: design, durability, and maintenance. Firstly, concrete pools can be nearly any shape, size, or depth that you want. If you can think it, and have the space for it, it can be done. This makes creating the ultimate retreat that meets all your needs very simple because we can create the pool you have always wanted from scratch. Vinyl liner pools are basically limited to the design and shape offered by the builder.

Secondly, concrete pools are much more durable than vinyl liner pools. Vinyl liner pools can easily be ripped by storm debris, pool toys and equipment, children and pets. Concrete on the other hand is nearly indestructible because there is no vinyl liner that contains the water within the pool frame.

Finally, concrete pools offer lower maintenance requirements as they age. Yes, all pools must be cleaned and maintained by vinyl liner pools require liner replacement forever and you will have to drain the pool and replace the liner time and time again as the years go by.

Install a superior concrete pool in Charlotte North Carolina with Carolina Pool Consultants and let us help you transform your backyard. Give us a call today for more information at 704-799-5236.

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