Carolina Pool Consultants Is The Premier Lincolnton Concrete Pool Builder

Carolina Pool Consultants are where the Carolina’s go to swim, look no further for the best Lincolnton concrete pool builder in the region. Our new pool experts will build out a beautiful new custom concrete pool that will end up saving homeowners money in the long run over a fiberglass model.  Speak with new pool experts today at CPC Pools and turn that dream pool into a reality.
Building a pool with concrete truly allows us to create a custom experience, concrete can be poured to fit any shape that you can possibly imagine. Fiberglass pools in the other hand are premolded, brittle, and don’t allow for the inclusion of custom features like waterfalls, hot tubs or beach styled entrances to your pool. Our custom concrete pool builders will be with you every step of the way to ensure your dream pool becomes a reality.
Concrete pools are not only more customizable than fiberglass pools, they’re by far more durable as well. Fiberglass pools rely on soil or sand backfill to secure the pool casing; after a heavy storm, this casing can develop hairline fractures due to shifts in the soil, leading to expensive repair and replacement bills. If you’re spending money on a new pool, you expect it to be done right, not that you might end up with cracks in the pool a few weeks out.
Speak with Lincolnton concrete pool builder CPC pools today to turn your backyard into you own private retreat. Building a pool with concrete gives the homeowner complete control of the design, along with long term peace of mind that the pool they invested in, will last as long as the very memories they make therein.

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