Carolina Pool Consultants Offers Professional Pool Building Services in Newton North Carolina

Homeowners in Newton North Carolina that are looking for to transform their backyard with a new custom concrete pool rely on Carolina Pool Consultants. We are a year round pool builder in Newton North Carolina and can help you bring your vision for your backyard to life. Discuss with us your concrete pool installation needs and let us tell you how we will accomplish your backyard goals.

When it comes to installing a new pool in your backyard, there are three likely choices that you have come across: concrete, vinyl liner, and fiberglass. While each of these pools have their advantages and disadvantages, we almost always end up installing a concrete pool for our customers, here’s why.

1) Concrete pools offer limitless customization options to homeowners. You can create virtually any shape, size, or depth pool along with speciality features such as an attached spa, underwater seat shelves, a waterfall and more.

2) Concrete pools are typically longer lasting than vinyl liner and fiberglass pools when properly maintained. Vinyl liner pools require frequent liner replacement whereas concrete pools can last a lifetime. Fiberglass pools can begin to develop bulging sidewalls as they age.

3) Concrete pools are more durable than vinyl liner pools and fiberglass pools. Pool equipment, pets, children, toys, and storm debris can all damage fiberglass and vinyl liner pools and the repairs are costly.

Concrete pools will almost always have a larger up front cost when compared with fiberglass and vinyl liner pools, but the advantages almost always outweigh this higher cost for homeowners.

Get a custom concrete pool installed in Newton North Carolina today, call Carolina Pool Consultants to schedule your free pool estimate.

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